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Silversea Cruises, the leading ultra-luxury cruise line, officially named its 10th ship, Silver Dawn, in Lisbon on March 31. Executives from Royal Caribbean Group®, Silversea Cruises, and Fincantieri, as well as local dignitaries and esteemed guests, celebrated the milestone with a formal ceremony and gala dinner. An expression of Silversea’s rapid expansion, Silver Dawn becomes the cruise line’s third new ship to debut in nine months. The launch of Silver Dawn also marks the debut of Otium, travel’s most indulgent new wellness programme, as well as the next iteration of Silversea’s S.A.L.T. culinary programme.


After Royal Caribbean Group’s customary bagpipe performance, which opened the formal naming ceremony, performers took to the stage, entertaining attendees with a performance that weaved a narrative from the 2021 launch of Silver Moon to the modern day and the launch of Silver Dawn. Singers recited the national anthems of the U.S.A., Italy, and Portugal, before a religious leader blessed the ship and dignitaries delivered speeches. The newly named Godmother of Silver Dawn, Nilou Motamed—an influential food and travel editor, tastemaker, and television personality—subsequently cut the ribbon to trigger a champagne bottle to smash on the ship’s hull, signalling the end of the ceremony.

Foto: Silversea Cruises

“Celebrating the naming of Silver Dawn in Lisbon marked an incredibly proud moment for all involved,” said Jason Liberty, President and CEO, Royal Caribbean Group. “I thank and congratulate Roberto Martinoli and our entire team, including Captain Failla and the crew, as well as everyone at Fincantieri, our ship building partners. Silver Dawn is a jewel in the Silversea fleet and speaks to Royal Caribbean Group’s commitment to delivering the best vacation experiences in a responsible way.”

“An evolution of our unique take on luxury, Silver Dawn is the third Silversea ship to be named in the last nine months,” said Roberto Martinoli, President & CEO, Silversea Cruises. “As well as S.A.L.T., our immersive culinary programme, Silver Dawn enriches guests’ travels with Otium, our indulgent new wellness programme, which is inspired by the ancient Roman lifestyle. She really is magnificent. I extend my gratitude to Jason Liberty and all involved at Royal Caribbean Group, as well as to the team at Silversea, Fincantieri, and Captain Failla and his crew—our most valuable asset. Moreover, I proudly welcome Nilou Motamed as the Godmother of Silver Dawn.” 


Taufpatin Nilou Motamed, Foto: Silversea Cruises

An Emmy-nominated television personality and former editor-in-chief of some of the world’s leading culinary brands, including Food & Wine and Epicurious, Nilou Motamed has been shaping the conversation in food and travel for more than 20 years. Born in Iran, raised in Paris and New York, Motamed is fluent in four languages — and believes “food is a language of its own, one in which everyone can find comfort, compassion, and community.” Her passion for culinary adventures and far-flung cuisines has found a perfect match in Silversea’s S.A.L.T. programme, which the New York resident first experienced with its launch in 2021. 

“It’s a great honour to have been selected as the Godmother of Silver Dawn and to have been on board for her naming ceremony in Lisbon,” says Motamed. “Growing up in multiple countries has helped me recognize that one of our deepest common bonds, wherever we go, is food. Like many of Silversea’s guests, I always pair my cultural explorations with culinary ones. That’s why I’ve loved seeing the world through Silversea’s S.A.L.T. programme. I’ve dedicated my career to celebrating authentic, local cuisines and cultures. For me, nothing is more rewarding than connecting with people over a shared meal.”

“An authority in the world of food and drink, Nilou is a curious, intelligent traveller,” continues Martinoli. “Her mission to delve deeper into cultures through food, to truly understand places and their people, reflects that of Silversea’s culinary programme, S.A.L.T.. It is this strong spirit of discovery, this commitment to self-enrichment and complete cultural immersion, that makes Nilou the perfect Godmother for our newest ship. Aboard Silver Dawn, our guests will discover the world with purpose, while journeying in Silversea’s trademark level of comfort.”

Foto: Silversea Cruises


Silver Dawn becomes the latest ship in Silversea’s popular Muse class. The most discernible difference between Silver Dawn and her sister ships, Silver Muse® and Silver MoonSM, is the new Otium wellness programme, which launches as a unique innovation. It is the only wellness programme at sea that incorporates champagne, chocolate and other gourmet snacks; signature cocktails; bespoke in-suite experiences; a Roman-influenced spa; and a wellness journey that extends throughout the ship. Grounded in the philosophy and traditions of the ancient Roman lifestyle, in which otium was a period of time dedicated exclusively to leisure, the Otium wellness programme is built on principles of indulgence, pleasure, and pampering. Spanning almost 800m2 on deck six, Silver Dawn’s spa has been completely redesigned for a more seamless wellness journey.

Silver Dawn departs on her inaugural voyage on April 1, sailing from Lisbon to Barcelona. She is scheduled to sail in the Mediterranean until November, when she will cross the Atlantic Ocean, via the Canary Islands, to unlock the Caribbean and Central America for guests.

Text: PM Silversea Cruises

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Impressionen von Silver Dawn und der Schiffstaufe

Silver Dawn zusammen mit der Reedereischwester Silver Spirit in Lissabon. Foto: