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Tag: American Cruise Lines

American Glory Christened in Key West, Florida

Pressemitteilung American Glory, the second Coastal Cat in American Cruise Lines’ groundbreaking new series of 100-passenger ships, was christened in Key West, Florida yesterday. The momentous celebration took place at Mallory Square where the ship docks when visiting Key West along the company’s newest U.S.

American Cruise Lines Opens 2022 Season

Pressemitteilung American Cruise Lines has officially opened the 2022 cruise season. On Saturday, February 26th, riverboat American Heritage and small cruise ships American Independence and American Star, set sail on the Mississippi River and in the Southeast. The first cruises have been successful with excellent guest reviews and extraordinary feedback

New Look and New Names for American’s Paddlewheel Fleet

Pressemitteilung American Cruise Lines announced today that its fleet of four classic paddlewheelers will be undergoing a major redesign, refit, and rebranding. The new interior design will bring paddlewheel cruising to the same sophisticated standard already exhibited on American’s newest modern riverboats, while retaining traditional