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Verkaufsstart und spannende Events für „The Curious and The Sea“ Weltkreuzfahrt 2026


Silversea Cruises has opened general sales on its World Cruise 2026, ‘The Curious and the Sea’set to connect travellers with the rich history of navigation through exclusive events and other immersive experiences

Silversea Cruises®, the leading ultra-luxury cruise line, has opened general sales on its 140-day World Cruise 2026, ‘The Curious and the Sea.’ Calling in 70 destinations in 37 countries—more than any voyage in the company’s history—the six-continent sailing will connect travellers with the rich history of navigation, inspired by the same curiosity that led ancient seafarers to sail to unknown lands. Strengthening the theme of discovery, the cruise line’s destination experts have curated a selection of exclusive events, three optional overland programmes, and a range of S.A.L.T. culinary enhancements that will immerse travellers sailing aboard Silver Dawn® deep into regional cultures with unique access.

“We are delighted to open general sales on our World Cruise 2026, ‘The Curious and the Sea,’ which will pay homage to the rich history of navigation through an unprecedented range of bespoke experiences,” said Barbara Muckermann, President and CEO, Silversea Cruises. “Hosted in magnificent settings with Silversea’s trademark service standards, exclusive World Cruise events will provide our guests with unique access to some of the planet’s most fascinating cultures to connect them with the destination’s authentic soul.”

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The selection of exclusive events for Silversea’s ‘The Curious and the Sea’ World Cruise 2026 include:


Before embarking Silver Dawn on January 6, 2026, Silversea’s guests will enjoy a bespoke Bon Voyage reception in Fort Lauderdale on January 5, socialising with old friends and new over cocktails and canapés. Curated around the voyage ahead—which will see guests follow ancient trade routes, cross the Panama and Suez canals, and connect with destinations explored by history’s most famous seafarers—the reception will include performative entertainment and a multi-course dinner, providing a taste of the exceptional culinary experiences to come.


In February 2026, ‘The Curious and the Sea’ will spend 20 days immersing travellers in the South Pacific, with many new calls for a Silversea World Cruise, including Nuku Hiva, Atuona, Fakarava, and more. A region explored by Captain James Cook in the 18th century, French Polynesia will host the voyage’s first in-destination World Cruise event. Reserved exclusively for world cruising guests, ‘Polynesian Dreams’ will see guests dive deep into the rich, historical seagoing cultures of local communities, experiencing authentic dance displays, traditional dress, musical performances, and more. On a tropical beach setting, under the same stars that once guided seafarers between the South Pacific’s islands, guests will become active participants in a cultural exchange, engaging with the region’s customs. The cruise line’s guests will dine on traditional cuisine: the bounty of the sea and fruits of the coast.


Collaborating closely with the island’s Chief and the local Department of Tourism, Silversea has curated a special event on the uninhabited Mystery Island in Vanuatu to present the destination, the region’s people, and the local culture like never before. Dancers from various islands throughout the region will perform a fusion of cultural rituals in a display of heritage. Guests will dine on catch of the day, prepared in the local way, in a scenic beach setting and snorkel in some of the world’s clearest waters, which teem with marine life. For this full-ship experience, the cruise line will install unique enhancements for guests’ comfort and convenience, such as daybeds, pavilions, and a power supply to unlock Vanuatu’s authentic historical customs in luxury. 

  • BENOA, BALI: FROM PADDY TO PLATE – March 21, 2026

On March 21, the cruise line’s guests will enjoy a night of authentic entertainment on specially constructed platforms in amongst the scenic rice paddies of a five-star resort in Benoa, Bali. Historically, Bali has played an important role in international trade throughout the ages, as a stopover for European explorers, which has contributed to the island’s rich cultural heritage. From paddy to plate, the evening’s fare will pay testament to rice, Southeast Asia’s sacred grain, as one of the most culturally significant and widely grown crops in the world today, which migrated around the world with the early seafarers. Authentic Balinese performances and displays of traditional dress will enrich the occasion, as travellers interact with locals to develop an appreciation for Balinese culture.


From Cochin, India, on April 12, Silversea’s guests will journey into the backwaters of Alleppey—referred to as ‘Venice of the East,’ characterised by beaches, canals, houseboats, and palm trees—for a bespoke afternoon of entertainment. Following a tuk-tuk ride through the urban streets, locals will greet guests with flower garlands, before showcasing India’s customs, traditions, and cultural experiences—including performances from Kerala drummers and martial artists, an authentic Sadhya lunch served on banana leaves, and a traditional houseboat cruise down the Kerala River. This World Cruise event will pay tribute to the history of India’s spice trade, which once thrived in these waters.


Hosted in the vast, impressively well-preserved Roman amphitheatre of Aspendos, ‘Fire of Anatolia’—a bespoke night of theatrical performance, designed exclusively for Silversea’s World Cruise guests—will markSilver Dawn’s arrival in the Mediterranean. Performed by hundreds of talented dancers, ‘Fire of Anatolia’ is a world-famous spectacular that takes guests on a journey through ancient mythology with precision, synchronicity, and scale, set in one of the world’s most intact Roman theatres. Guests will sample Turkish delicacies as they watch age-old stories unfold through dance.


Travelling aboard the ultra-luxury Silver Dawn, Silversea’s guests will benefit from immersive culinary experiences, both on board and ashore, through the unique S.A.L.T. culinary programme, designed to adapt and grow to reflect the soul of each destination.

In the S.A.L.T. Lab, an onboard test kitchen, more than 60 culinary programmes curated by regional food experts will enable travellers to get hands-on with local ingredients. Silver Dawn will host a rotating roster of visiting chefs, regional food experts, and authors who will come on board to give a series of classes, as well as talks in the theatre. In the S.A.L.T. Kitchen, the menu will change almost daily with 80 fully distinct offerings, created by experts and inspired by local flavours. Guests will sample the earthy flavors of Peru, dine on fresh Pacific seafood in Polynesia, experience the melting-pot influences of Israeli markets, and more. The S.A.L.T. Bar will offer approximately 70 custom-designed cocktails related to visited destinations—with ingredients ranging from small-distillery rum in Central America to craft pisco in Peru, aromatic raki in Turkey, and traditional sherry in Andalusia.

In additional to a range of optional S.A.L.T. shore excursions, two complimentary S.A.L.T. dine-around experiences will also enrich guests’ travels, providing unique culinary moments at some of the world’s most iconic restaurants. 

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