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Tag: SunStone Maritime Group

Taufe mit Eis für Ocean Albatros

Am 07. Mai konnte Albatros Expeditions das Christening des Expeditionsschiffes OCEAN ALBATROS in Kopenhagen feiern. Patin des Schiffes ist Berit Willumsgaard, CEO von Albatros Travel und Frau des Albatros Expeditions Gründers und Eigners, Søren Rasmussen. Fotos: Søren Rasmussen (Mitte) und seine Familie: Berit Willumsgaard

Ocean Explorer and Ocean Odyssey Return to Operation

Pressemitteilung SunStone Maritime Group A/S is pleased to announce the reactivation of two Infinity Class Expedition vessels with multi-year charters signed for the Ocean Explorer and the Ocean Odyssey. The Ocean Explorer will return to polar cruising in October 2024, when Quark Expeditions, a long-term

Ocean Albatros Launched in Haimen, China

Pressemitteilung SunStone Maritime Group A/S is pleased to announce, that a launching ceremony for Ocean Albatros was successfully held on Friday, September 16, at China Merchants Heavy Industries in Haimen, China. The Ocean Albatros is the sixth vessel in the series of INFINITY Class newbuild