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Statement von Swan Hellenic zur SH VEGA

Swan Hellenic Statement

As consequence of the sanctions in April,  the leasing company GTLK Europe defaulted on the payments as per newbuilding contract of NB 517 SH Vega. Moreover, as all assets belonging to GTLK should be frozen in EU, GTLK will not be able to take the delivery of the ship.

In view of GTLK default, Helsinki Shipyard has started the due legal process of auctioning the newbuilt, envisaged by the shipbuilding contract. Whilst the tender process is in progress and will be officially completed soon, SH as a priority buyer has already submitted the bid and is at advanced stage of preparing the documents for transfer of the title on SH Vega and is ready to take full control over the vessel at the completion of the tender.

Therefore we expect there will no change of plans in the scheduled cruises on July 20th with the Arctic season from Trömso.